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Image by Kelly Sikkema

COVID-19 Safe Plan

All Glam makeup by Mervat, makeup artist and hairstylist working in the job will be asked if they display any unwell symptoms and if they are unwell, we will replace the artist with another one that is well and healthy.

1- All client will be asked the following questions before starting the service

A- Do you have any flu like symptoms?

B- Any kind of unwell feeling in the past 14 days

C- Any allergies to products, please let us know such as latex, alcohol, perfume etc.

2- Before sitting down in our chair, all client are to clean their faces using our facial refresher to remove dead skin and dryness. Giving a clean canvas for artist to work on

We will be checking your temperature before we decide to do the work on your face or hair

3- When working with each client we will set up our work station with social distancing guide of 1.5 meters.

4- We will have a set of brush for each client to use on their faces

5- When possible will use disposable items such as mascara wand and lip brush

6- Hand sanitizer will be use before makeup artist or hairstylist start and finish

7- Facial mask will be used when applying the makeup and styling the hair

8- Extra time cleaning and preparation time will be required in makeup station and in between client

9- Makeup station and chairs will be clean up with disinfectant spray in between each client

10- We encourage to download the Covid safe app

11- We ask the client not to touch the artist makeup and hair kit

Glam makeup by Mervat team are proud to be providing excellent professional service and hygiene standards we have for the past 7 years

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